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5 Fenther™ questions to…
Cayetano project

Fenther - Tell us, how are you, where you come from… the beginning.

Cayetano - I was very young when I started to play music… I think I was at the age of 6. And since then, I never stopped playing! I formed several bands in Greece since I was 14 and I got some “recognition” in 1996 with my group called “Stroggilo Kitrino” (The Round Yellow). We’ve made 2 albums and they both had a great success in Greece, Italy and France. I left from the band in the early days of 2000 and I started travelling all around Europe. When I got in Spain things changed. I stayed there for few years and I’ve made the “CAYETANO” project… In fact the “Focused” album is the 3rd one… Then back in Greece, making some music for films, theatre and playing as a session musician in some bands!

Fenther - You are from Greece. How was the reaction of the press and the audience when they listen your sound?

Cayetano - In the beginning it was hard for the people and the Media to believe that behind the CAYETANO project is hiding a greek artist. Then the album got a great airplay from the radio stations all around Greece and we had some great reviews. In general, I think that they accepted the album with a big satisfaction’s smile…

Fenther - You have necessity to create your own record (Sala Sonora), and a radio show with the same name?

Cayetano - The label was a big need for us, cause we want to have the first and the last word in everything we do! From recording to artwork. Basically Sala Sonora began as a recording studio. It’s working like a label the last 1 year. About the radio show… One of the best radio stations in Greece, Rodon fm (, asked me to do a show with our favourite music. Our music proposals… So, that’s why it’s called the Sala Sonora Radio Show. The truth is that it’s an excellent help in our promotion also.

Fenther - What are your influences? What you listen?

Cayetano - I’m listening to everything hits my ears in a good way… I don’t care about the genre and if it’s an old or a new recording… I’m listening to traditional music as well from countries like Greece, Italy, Spain, Portugal, Argentina… Everything is an influence for me!

Fenther - Do you know Portugal before? What you think about Portugal? When you play live here?

Cayetano - Without doubt, you are very lucky being in Portugal… It’s one of the most beautiful countries in the whole world… I strongly believe that! Nice people, rich history and great landscapes! I’m been there a couple of times and I wish to be there as soon as possible even as a tourist… For sure coming to Portugal with my band for a concert will be the ideal and who knows… Maybe this will be a reality soon!

Thanks a lot Vitor!

Vítor Pinto

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